Collecting Sweepers

Collecting sweepers for tractors, loaders and skid steers

K-serie - Funktioner collecting sweepers are designed for efficient area cleaning. Designed based on customer feedback and notions on street sweeping, Snowek street sweepers offer dust-free sweeping, the best cleaning results on the market and the kind of efficiency usually only found in contractor grade equipment.

Funktionen der Snowek K-Serie

If you consider Snowek K-series, you definitely want to equip it with the Snowek High Pressure Dust Suppression technology, which decreases the visible dust by 52% compared to traditional watering systems. 

Turning side brushes together with innovative design of the dust container ensure the best cleaning results on the market in collecting sweepers. 

For many customers it is just most important to have a sweeper that is easy to plug & play for all your operators. That’s K-series.

K-series are extremely fast in upkeep sweeping of fines and light duty debris.  You can reach sweeping speeds up to 15km/h. 

K-series are built on a galvanized body which ensures the market’s best aftermarket value and over 10 years of durability. 

The water tank for watering systems is also integrated inside the body. Visibility from the cab is therefore never compromised.

K-series sidebrushes or gutter brooms are controlled hydraulically. For controls you will need two electric switches for activating the electric valve for each gutter broom, and one additional switch for the dust control system

Snowek K-series models

Technische Spezifikationen
Arbeitsbreite Hauptbürste150cm180cm220cm
Arbeitsbreite, mit einem Seitenbesen200cm230cm270cm
Arbeitsbreite, zwei Seitenbesen250cm280cm320cm
Transportbreite175 cm205 cm260 cm
Höhe90 cm90 cm90 cm
Länge250 cm260 cm280 cm
Innendurchmesser der Bürste7"7"7"
Volumen, Wassertank260 l 290 l 330 l
Volumen des Sammelbehälters (effektiv / theoretisch) 170 / 360 l200 / 420 l500 / 1050 l
Leergewicht700 kg850 kg 1300 kg
Hydraulischer Fluss, Bedarf (min)35 l/min35 l/min35 l/min
Hydraulisch Druck160 - 230 bar160 - 230 bar160 - 230 bar
Wasserverbrauch, normale Bewässerung5 - 10 l / min5 - 10 l / min5 - 10 l / min
Wasserverbrauch, Hochdruck-Staubbindung3 - 5 l / min3 - 5 l / min3 - 5 l / min
Maschinenempfehlung4 - 6 ton (kg)6 - 8 ton (kg)8 ton - 20 ton (kg)

Diese Funktionen sind mit jedem Snowek K-serie Kehrmaschine enthalten


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Snowek K-serien

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